This course aims at helping teachers develop skills to plan and manage digital storytelling tasks in the classroom. 

It is a self-paced course to be taken on your own. 

Each module will first outline the content and learning objectives, then it will develop the content and follow it up with one or a few tasks to do hands-on practice  in order to optimize the learning. At the end of each module you will also be asked to keep a journal where you write a short reflection on the usefulness of the specific content learnt and possible applications in your teaching and learning context. This journal can be on paper or digital.

Format: Online/ Asynchronous/Self-paced


Suggested time frame: 

Option A: One module per week (4 weeks) Estimated workload: about 4 hours a week

Option B: Two modules per week (2 weeks) Estimated workload: about 8 hours a week

Option C: Four modules a week (1 weeks) Estimated workload: about 15 hours a week

Technical requirements: 

A PC or mobile device with an Internet connection


End-of-course quiz plus self-assessment rubric

Although this course can be taken individually, you can choose to take this course in groups of colleagues. Educational institutions may decide to have their teachers take this course together and set the pace to fit their specific needs. The reflection phase in each module could be organised as a face to face session to generate ideas for application in a more collaborative environment.

About the instructor

English Language teacher and Educational Technology specialist

Vicky Saumell

Vicky Saumell holds a degree in English-Spanish Literary and Technical Translation and a Diploma in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL. She also has a degree in Educational Technology. She has been a teacher for over 25 years. She has authored and tutored New Learning Environments for the Master’s in ELT at Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia. She is the Overall Coordinator of the EFL department at Instituto San Francisco de Asís, a private school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lives.She has written for Pearson (Teacher Development Interactive: Preparation for the Teaching Knowledge Test and Meeting Point 3 and 4 for the Storyline coursebook series) and she is also series consultant for English in Common coursebook series. She has also written digital materials for CUP. She is also a freelance materials writer, teacher trainer and a presenter at professional development conferences, especially on the integration of ICT for language learning. She has a professional website at

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